Our aim at Hendersyde is to provide an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a fun and educational day where no-one is afraid to ask for help or advice whilst maintaining high standards of safety for all concerned, whether it is for a competitor, spectator or volunteer.  Civility to all is paramount to ensuring a happy event even when all has not gone to plan!


  • The days will be run to British Eventing Competition standards unless stated in this schedule.
  • It is compulsory that all riders’ hats and body protectors comply with current British Eventing Competition rules.
  • Number bibs will not be provided – please bring your own.
  • All numbers are to be printed at home and used with your own bib. The printed number template will be attached to the email you receive with your classes and times. The number on the template will need to be amended, as per the instructions in your email from the Secretary, to reflect the competitor number that you have been given.
  • It is compulsory that every person entering a class at Hendersyde who is under 18 years of age, is accompanied by a responsible adult for the duration of the event. It is advisable for all attendees to have a co-driver with them on the day.
  • Stop watches may be worn for the cross country in all classes.
  • Should the Organising team ask a rider to leave the course in the interest of safety, or for any reason that they deem necessary, they will leave the course immediately and at a walk.
  • Should a rider have a fall in either the Training or Competition classes of the show-jumping element, they will not be allowed to re-mount in the ring. They must be passed fit to continue by the event paramedic and have the approval of the Cross Country Steward, prior to starting on the cross country.
  • Should a rider be eliminated in the showjumping, it will be at the discretion of the Steward as to whether they are able to continue to the cross country element of the Training or Competition Classes.
  • Should a rider have a fall on the cross country course, they will not be allowed to complete the course AND MUST LEAVE THE COURSE ON FOOT. However once passed fit by the event paramedic, they may be allowed to ride another horse with the agreement of the Steward.
  • If asked to leave the cross country course for any reason other than a fall, the rider must do so immediately and at a walk.
  • The Steward’s decision is final.
  • Any rider who has a fall must be seen by the Event paramedic as soon as possible on return from the course. The paramedic will be found at the crossing point back into the lorry park from the cross country course.  No rider will be allowed to continue with any phase until passed fit to do so by the paramedic and confirmed by the Steward.
  • Should a horse require attention by a vet for any reason, and the horse’s connections be unavailable, we reserve the right to treat as required and move the horse to a place of safety.
  • Any veterinary work required during the event/whilst on site at Hendersyde will be billed to the client whose horse has been treated, by Equitait.
  • Should the event look likely to be cancelled due to adverse weather; we would ask you to check both the Berwickshire Hunt and Hendersyde Park Horse Trials websites and FB for the latest news. This has only happened once in more than 20 years!
  • Should the Event have to be cancelled prior to 48 hours before the start date, entry fees will be returned minus £10 and the additional Paypal fees. If we are forced to cancel within 48 hours of the start date, there will be no refunds as we will have incurred significant cost.
  • The late entry surcharge will apply from 5.00pm on the day before the closing date for entries.
  • The courses will ONLY be open for walking from 9.00 am until 8.00 pm on the Saturday of the event weekend and on the day of competition.
  • Any withdrawal of entry after close of entries will not be refunded. Entries will close at 5.00pm on the stated day of entry closure.
  • All horses and ponies must be 5 years old and over.
  • Riders aged 10 – 11 years inclusive may only enter the 60/80 cms classes at Hendersyde. Riders must be aged 10 on the day of the event and accompanied by an adult on the day.
  • No ATV’s/Gators/Motorised cycles are allowed on site.
  • No mucking out of lorries on site, a fine of £50 to our charities will be levied.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.
  • Hendersyde Park has one official photographer on site during the event and attendees should be aware that their images may be used in print or on the Hendersyde Park Horse Trials website or FB page to promote the event.


  • We will allow riders to continue on the cross country course having had three cumulative refusals on course, if they are deemed safe to do so by the Organising team.
  • After the first refusal at a fence, the rider may re-present once at the same obstacle before being asked to either jump a smaller fence beside the original obstacle or to move on to the next numbered fence.
  • The fence judge may offer verbal assistance to the rider if deemed necessary. There may be NO INTERVENTION FROM ANY OUTSIDE PERSON at the risk of being asked to leave the course by the fence judge or Steward.
  • Should a rider have a fall in either the showjumping or cross country phases, they may not re-mount and must be seen by the event paramedic before either continuing, if passed fit to do so by the paramedic and Steward, to the cross country phase, or if on the cross country they must walk back on foot to the lorry park and be seen by the event paramedic before leaving the site.
  • In the Show-jumping phase riders may REPRESENT to a fence once before being asked to continue to the next fence.
  • Clear round rosettes will be given in these classes.
  • The judge may ask a rider to leave the ring if in their opinion they are deemed unsafe to continue their round.
  • Due to the timings of the day, it will not be possible for a rider to return to the show-jumping if they have had a fall in the ring before going cross country.
  • All General Rules as listed will apply to these Classes.


  • These Classes will be run largely to BE rules unless stated.
  • The SJ will be to height at each level except for the Open Class where the SJ will be to BE Novice dimensions.
  • The Open 100+ class is designed for those combinations competing effectively at BE Novice level and above, as some fence combinations are both more technical and larger than BE 100 level.
  • The Cross Country courses will be given optimum times and listed on the trailer at the start of the cross country.
  • Elimination will occur after a) three cumulative refusals on course, b) jumping the incorrect fence, c) a fall of horse or rider on the course and d) any outside assistance of horse or rider whilst SJ or on the cross country course. Should any of these occur, you will be asked to leave the courses at a walk without jumping any further fences.
  • Should a rider have a fall in either the show-jumping or cross country phases, they may not re-mount and must be seen by the event paramedic before either continuing, if passed fit to do so by the paramedic and Steward, to the cross country phase, or if on the cross country they must walk back on foot to the lorry park and be seen by the event paramedic before leaving the site.
  • Prize giving will take place outside the Secretary’s caravan/tent as soon as practicable after the close of the Class.
  • If unable to attend the PG in person, you will need to notify the Secretary and nominate someone to collect your prize on your behalf. No prizes or rosettes will be awarded after the event.
  • All General Rules as listed will apply to these Classes.


The Organiser does not insure the rider, your horse, tack, vehicles or equipment.  You are strongly advised to have in place your own adequate personal accident insurance at all times.  The venue, or anyone involved in organising the event will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss to any person or their property, howsoever it may be caused.

COVID PROTOCOLS FOR ATTENDANCE AT EVENT – as per current legislation on the date of the Event in Scotland.

  • Please ensure that all parking directions are complied with for your own safety and for those around you. Parking for lorries will be at 5 – 10m intervals, depending on the type of lorry and horse tying facilities. Please show your horse numbers in the lorry window on arrival.
  • Attendees are asked to adhere to their allocated times. Failure to comply will result in disqualification and no refund of entry.
  • Please bring your own hand sanitisers where possible, but hand sanitisers will be available on site at the Secretary and toilet area, please ensure that you use them prior to entry.
  • One helper ONLY per rider may assist with poles in the SJ warm-up area.
  • We ask that you bring your own number bib and print your numbers at home.
  • For the safety of all those attending Hendersyde, please do adhere to the government guidelines on social distancing.


The Organisers of this event have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present.  For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occuring, and must obey the rules and instructions of the Organisers, Officials and Stewards at all times.


Except for the negligence of the Organisers and their agents or others for whom in law they are responsible, the Organisers do not accept responsibility in respect of any accident, loss, damage, injury, illness or disease caused to or suffered by any horse, owner, rider, spectator, sponsor and others present at the site of the Event, and their property, vehicles and accoutrements.


The Organisers reserve the right to:

Cancel any class or section, or divide any class

Transfer riders between sections of a class

Alter the advertised times

Refuse any entry

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