Welcome to Hendersyde Park

Hendersyde ParkThe Agnew family arrived at Hendersyde in the summer of 1997 when Charlotte, our eldest, was nine, Georgina six and Alexandra four. The place was in a very poor state of repair and it took ten years to turn around, with improvements still ongoing.

The children all arrived with ponies and we began to build a small hunter trial course in the park, which expanded as both they and the ponies became larger. This led to the start of hunter trials followed by the Pony Club Area Trials for a couple of years, which culminated in our decision to move on to hosting a British Eventing Horse Trial.

As a family we have all been very fortunate to have enjoyed eventing – although it has changed materially since James and I were growing up and involved competitively; our children have long since eclipsed us! As a result we felt that we wanted to be able to put something back into a sport that we all love and use it as a vehicle to raise money for charity. Since we began we have raised £39,000 for our charities, both local and national, and hope that we shall be able to continue this over the coming years.

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